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Patek Philippe Watch 5396/1R-010 - Rose Gold - Men Complications

Patek Philippe Watch 5396/1R-010 - Rose Gold - Men Complications

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Patek Philippe Nautilus

Designed by Gerald Genta and first introduced to the market in 1976, replica patek philippe Nautilus represents a completely different watch from the company's then famous watch. In fact, before this, Patek Philippe was mainly known for its ultra-thin dress watches, but Nautilus represents a change and proved to be a huge blow.

Without mentioning Audemars Piguet's Royal Oak, it's hard to talk about Nautilus, which helped create a new stainless steel luxury watch. However, even since then, Nautilus has been an amazing next step because it is a stainless steel sports watch with a large outer casing.

In its long history, Patek is widely regarded as a conservative brand that relies on a gradual evolution rather than a complete revolution. Unlike brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe has not participated in celebrity endorsement transactions in history, which means that any overhaul of images depends more on the design of actual watches.

For this reason, the original Nautilus, officially known as Reference 3700/1, was deliberately revolutionary because Patek's goal was to change the brand image to a certain extent in order to bring it into the modern era. Despite this, the watch, nicknamed “Jumbo” due to its 42 mm case, retains enough of the Patek Tradition tradition.Devon replica

Rise with technological excellence

A long-standing rumor says that Gerald Genta drew a quick sketch at dinner and was surrounded by Patek Philippe executives. From a visual point of view, part of the watch was inspired by the portholes seen in the transatlantic lining. It is said that Genta said: "This is a sketch I completed in five minutes."

In addition to its unique look, the Nautilus collection allows Patek Philippe to showcase their technical skills. In addition to the functions such as the date display window, one of the biggest achievements is the design of evenly distributing the water pressure to a water depth of 120 meters.

Early models of Nautilus

Despite the ambition of Nautilus, it did not immediately gain the iconic status that the series enjoys today, and several new versions were introduced in the early 1980s to attract a broader market. In particular, Patek tried to reduce the size of the casing because 42mm was considered large at the time.

Ms. Nautilus, reference. 4700, released in 1980, followed by the midsize version of Ref. 3800 / 1A, which has a 37.5 mm outer casing. However, the overall design remained largely unchanged until 1998, when it was referenced. The 3710 / 1A features a Roman numeral dial and a power reserve indicator.

In 2005, with the release of Ref, Patek made the biggest transformation of the Nautilus series. 3712, known as the "triple complex" model. Unlike the previous Nautilus design, it has an analog date display, as well as a power reserve and a moon phase indicator. However, it was discontinued only after one year.

The second year was the 30th anniversary of the original, and Patek released a new generation of Nautilus watches. referee. The 5711 / 1A is equipped with a larger 43 mm case and an updated dial with blue overtones, plus several new versions, including the Chronograph Ref. 5980.immatation replica watches


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Patek Philippe Watch 5396/1R-010 - Rose Gold - Men Complications

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