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808nm Glass Coated Lens Infrared Cross Laser Alignment

808nm Glass Coated Lens Infrared Cross Laser Alignment
In various type of high precision and high speed cross line alignment, under quite special work fields of night vision, it is always a challenge job for users to get ideal cross line aligning accuracy as expected. At the same time, there is also no end for laser tech engineer to develop a quite practically used device of 808nm infrared cross laser alignment. It generates the most powerful infrared laser radiation from 808nm infrared laser diode. Only if this cross line laser module makes advanced use of glass coated lens and good thermal emitting system, it is able to work with good laser beam stability and clear enough IR cross line source projection in continuous use.
When 808nm infrared cross laser alignment gets constant power source from AC/DC adapter, accepting wide range electric current of 100V to 240V, it is making the most efficient infrared laser light emission and continuous IR cross line generation in continuous use. It employs import 808nm infrared laser diode within 100mW to 500mW, only if it selects correct operating voltage of 5V, 9V 1000mA DC power supply, this cross line laser module is making sure of the best quality infrared laser light source emission, and highly clear IR cross line generation as long as 100 to 1000 meters.
Owing to quite special use of qualified glass coated lens, available with different fan angles, this 808nm infrared cross laser alignment is projecting the most complex laser beam in type of two perpendicular lines with accurate 90 degrees. Owing to its quite strict laser beam stability tests up to 24 hours and special use of glass window in front of laser beam aperture, this 808nm infrared laser module is achieving good laser light cycling use, and the clearest IR vertical and horizontal lines generation with accurate 90 degrees. In special work fields of moisture or dust, it is still maintaining good performance under moisture or dust, not affecting by any working environments etc.
In all night version fields, with the assistance of laser alignment mounting bracket and extending electric wires for both 808nm infrared cross laser alignment and DC power supply, it is not only allowing the most convenient installation, but also assuring the most convenient IR cross line generation onto any vertical or horizontal surface. Within continuous IR cross line generation of 8 to 10 hours per day, only if it leaves enough space for tube cooling down, this infrared cross line laser module just achieves good laser light cycling use and long serving lifetime of more than 8,000 hours. At the same time, according to high attention to any thermal energy hurt to eyes and correct wearing of infrared laser safety goggles, it makes safe and no mistake measurement in all occasions perfectly.

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808nm Glass Coated Lens Infrared Cross Laser Alignment

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