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Photo Moon Lamp

Photo Moon Lamp
Photo Moon lamp is a unique, one of a kind, artistic lamp with a photo printed directly onto the lamp itself. If you could dream it up, can build it, this is the ultimate photo lamp. Ultra high quality, authentic, handmade art done right on the lamp itself. Textures that would make your eyes sting. Text that will really catch the light and make your home (or business) stand out.

Your photo can be literally anything you want it to be. Perhaps you have an old picture that has faded and you want it to look like new again. Or perhaps you have a favorite photograph that you want to be displayed proudly in your living room for all to see. Whatever your inspiration, you can transform your favorite photographs into lamps by having them transformed into beautiful, unique lamps that are sure to delight the people who visit your home or office. Transform your ordinary photos into lamps that can literally light up a room with elegance and style.

Your photo lamp is sure to make any wall sparkle with its endless possibilities. Add your favorite photos or put a new photo in front of a photo and watch it get glowing before your very eyes. You don't have to go out and buy a photo lamp like some do, but instead you can simply turn a regular photo into a photo lamp! Get creative with your photo lamps. Create a Moon Lamp from any ordinary photo or transform your favorite ones into a highly artistic lighting solution.

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Photo Moon Lamp

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