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I see myself as a real life sex doll – I want to be as fake as possible

I see myself as a real life sex doll – I want to be as fake as possible

Sophia Eden is a 29-year-old Swedish woman living in Germany who follows the bimbo lifestyle. She has had a variety of body modifications done to make her look as fake as possible

Sophia Eden is an icon in the bimbo community – and it isn’t hard to see why.

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The 29-year-old Swedish bombshell is currently living in Germany while she does her masters in biochemistry.

She is also an OnlyFans star because she loves showing her “slutty, dumb side” and is passionate about bimbofication and plastic surgery.

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So far Sophia has had 550CC implants put in which has given her G-cup breasts, fillers in her lips, jawline, chin and cheeks, as well as Botox in her forehead and cheeks.

She said in an interview with Pink Bimbo Academy that bimbofication isn’t only about looks but also about her sexual fetish.

“Femininity and being a bimbo goes for me hand in hand. For me it means I take power over my femininity and my sexuality,” she said.

“I love being a bimbo!

"It’s just so much fun to be a hyper-feminine woman, I do whatever I want, I dress as slutty as I want, I enjoy wearing “too much” make-up, tease my hair a bit too high, wear too short dresses and too high heels.”

Sophia said she’s always wanted to be a Barbie and now her dream has finally been realised.

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She also questions whether “normal” women are bored of living their lives like everybody else.

The 29-year-old said she can’t imagine living that kind of life and always wants to be over the top.

She said: “I also feel pity for them, 'cause not living your femininity also means not living your sexuality! And this is just sad.

"All women should have joy and fun during sex. But when a woman says she loves sex and needs it, she is marked as a ‘s***’ no matter how many partners she had.

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“Bimbofication is my fetish, I love to serve men and be a brainless f*** Real doll in bed. But that doesn’t mean I’m degrading myself. I just live my fetish and my sexual needs. I haven’t met a man who doesn’t like a woman who says ‘let’s f***! I need your c*** now!’”.

Sophia went on to say she needs sex like she needs food – and she has no shame in that.

She is thankful that being a bimbo has given her the freedom to live her sexuality and feminity as it was meant to be.

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Sophia says she will never be done trying to make herself look like the perfect bimbo because she’s a perfectionist and perfection is something she doesn’t think can be reached.

She believes you can always improve yourself – and that’s exactly what she intends on doing.

The student explained that men are often intimidated by her because of her looks and are worried they can’t fulfil her needs.

Sadly women tend to judge Sophia as well as they’re worried she’ll steal their boyfriends.

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I see myself as a real life sex doll – I want to be as fake as possible

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