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Take care of your sex doll
A Canadian man with his sex doll

Take care of your sex doll

Now and then we meet someone who has tried to repair or modify one of our (cliquez ici pour suivre le lien)">sex doll. This is rarely a good idea. Yes, you can feel screws and other parts under the skin of your doll, but these should be left alone. Remember, we can not guarantee dolls that have been repaired at home. If your doll does not turn or bend in a certain direction, it's just not meant to be. Please do not force things. Excessive stress or strain on the joints can cause irreparable damage.

Take care of your moving parts of the (cliquez ici pour suivre le lien)">mini sex doll

We have already given you some good tips on how to care for your doll outside. Let us now learn best practices for maintaining the structure of your doll. Do not make a mistake. That's tough, but if it's abused, the doll's skeleton can be damaged. In this case, repairs can be quite expensive. We even had cases where the damage was so great that it was simply easier to replace the doll completely.

Carefully move your love dolls

You may be surprised how hard your (cliquez ici pour suivre le lien)">discount sex dolls really are. Well, that's intentional. Your love dolls looks like a real person. That is, they have a human skeletal structure and enough weight to create a realistic sexual experience. If you need to move your doll, do it anyway. Just watch it. It is a good rule to move your doll as if you were a real, living person. You would not lift a person by the elbow, neck or ankle. The same applies to your doll.

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A Canadian man with his sex doll
A Canadian man facing child pornography charges appeared in court today, telling the courtroom multiple times that he bought a child-sized (cliquez ici pour suivre le lien) sex doll to "replace his dead son," according to CTV News. In court, Harrisson defended his actions, in which did a search on Google using the words "sex doll."

Kenneth Harrisson ordered “Carol” from a Japanese website advertising childlike and adult (cliquez ici pour suivre le lien) discount sex dolls in 2013, and the doll was intercepted by the Canada Border Services Agency on its way to Canada. So-called “sex dolls” — that is, plastic and silicone creations that realistically resemble humans and which are equipped in such a way that users can use them for sexual purposes — are available for purchase.

Kenneth Harrisson, of St. John's New Foundland, says he ordered "Carol," a (cliquez ici pour suivre le lien) mini sex doll, from a Japanese website in 2013 as companionship to replace a dead son he lost more than 20 years ago. He says he chose "Carol" because the sex doll had a "male-like" face which resembled his son, but said he did not think of searching for a "male sex doll." "I did not order a sex doll of a childlike nature," Harrisson said.

"The purpose I intended it for was to replace my deceased son, period." Harrisson told a courtroom Monday that he did not intend to have sex with the doll, saying he was lonely and wanted companionship that reminded him of his deceased son, who did at six months old.

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Take care of your sex doll
A Canadian man with his sex doll

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