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AnaOno chinese lingerie wholesale Intimates Mastectomy Lingerie Founder On Making Rad Bras For Cancer Survivors

"It's a version of my lingerie suppliers china name, Dana Donofree," the founder and designer of AnaOno Intimates, a new line of lingerie for breast cancer survivors, tells me on the phone. "We went through a lot of names for the line. But then, a very funny college roommate of mine, who I love, said, 'Call it AnaOno, because it's like you lost your double Ds.' It's brilliant."

The name is brilliant, Corset Manufacturer China and it's most likely Donofree's ability to find humor in that kind of candor that carried her through her most difficult times. At age 28, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The news came as a shock to Donofree who, like most 20-somethings, hadn't really considered the possibility.

"When I discovered it, it was a total freak accident. I'd had a breast exam in December, and no one feltanything," Donofree adds. "In January, I was checking a pimple in my armpit. Haphazardly, mywrist brushed across a bump in my breast tissue.”

What came next was a crisis that no 28-year-old (or anyone, really) should have to face, especially considering it happened just two months before her wedding day. Unfortunately, those plans had to be put on hold so Donofree could start her treatment.

Dana Donofree after her breast cancer diagnosis and reconstruction.

Quickly after her diagnosis, Donofree had a double mastectomy with reconstruction, a process that didn't come without its challenges. After the mastectomy, expanders were put into her chest to prepare her body for the reconstruction. It took about four weeks for those surgeries to heal, after which she was presented with a difficult course of chemotherapy. Donofree crashed twice during her treatment, meaning that her platelets dropped so low that she had to have several blood transfusions.

"Some people go through surgery and treatment with no issues," Donofree explains. "And some people go through with every issue in the book."

Shopping for bras post-surgery was incredibly frustrating for Donofree, and that frustration was the impetus for AnaOno Intimates, headquartered near her home in Philadelphia. She has a background in fashion design and pattern making, and began her business by deducing the reasons why women in her situation have such a hard time finding lingerie.

[Embed]"For me, I thought about my reconstruction as a boob job," Donofree says. "But it was nothing close to that. I had the expectation that I would just go back to my life as normal, but that wasn’t going to happen. When it came to bras not fitting, I realized that the biggest problem was the underwire," Donofree tells me. "Five years ago when I was diagnosed, the underwire was popular. They’re meantfor a purpose, to give breasts support, and shape. When we get surgery, we get built-in support. Some people also lose a lot of their feeling [around the breast], so if the underwire isuncomfortable, you don’t feel it. Doctors tend to not recommend underwires for mastectomy and lumpectomy patients."

But without underwires, the current lingerie market was a vast expanse of sports bras and camisoles. While many choose those options for comfort, Donofree felt that there should be sexier, more playful bras available for those who didn't want to completely leave their former lingerie preferences behind.

"The response I was hearing was, 'You don’t have to wear a bra at all,'"Donofree says. "But I waslike, 'I want to, it’s part of my wardrobe. Just because you don’t need itdoesn’t mean you don’t want it.'"

Donofree's earliest designs for AnaOno Intimates were geared towards herself and other survivors who'd had reconstruction. Quickly after she started, though, she realized that just as each breast cancer diagnosis and treatment is unique, so too are the lingerie needs of each woman.

The Rachel bra, designed for bilateral reconstructions with implants, as well as unilateral reconstructions.

"I launched it with the reconstructed woman in mind," she says. "As I wasexposed to more women, I realized that it didn’t stop there. For instance, awoman with a lumpectomy, who has a scar in a sensitive area — she also needsa bra that feels comfortable. I was also meeting a lot of women who got mastectomies who didn’t want areconstruction or prosthetic, but it didn’t mean they didn’t want to wearlingerie. So that’s when I startedtrying my product on different body types and surgery types."

Today, the AnaOno Intimates collection is comprised of five styles of bra, each of which caters to specific post-operative needs. They range in size S to XXL at a reasonable price point of about $32 to $58. Five percent of all AnaOno proceeds go to breast cancer foundations each year, including Jill's Wish and Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Donofree also has plans to expand the line as quickly as she can, creating a pocketed bra for women who wear breast forms, as well as extending the range to accommodate more plus sizes. For Donofree, the most important aspect of her collection is that it intentionally connects with real survivors at each stage of the process.

The Kelly wireless pullover bra, designed for mastectomies with no reconstruction, LAT, TRAM, DIEP Flaps, mastectomies with full reconstruction, unilateral and bilateral mastectomies, and lumpectomies.

"I design everything myself, and do all of the fitting onreal survivors," she says. "On the website, all the women modeling the products aresurvivors. That’s really important for me, because that’s who the product isfor. For me it's important that women know and trust that their bras are coming specifically for them."

In addition to the launch of her collection, the now 33-year-old Donofree recently celebrated another major landmark: Her body hasn't shown any evidence of cancer for the last five years. What she's accomplished during that time has made a profound impact on her own life, and the lives of other women going through the same thing. For Donofree, though, the goal wasn't to inspire or move people: It was simply to help women facing the same challenges that she was.

"Shopping for intimate apparel after thesesurgeries is hell," she says. "You have to do so much guesswork just to find one that fitsyou. I wanted to help take that guess work out of the equation."

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Top lingerie websites
How To Wear Lingerie According wholesale bikinis To The Sexy Underwear Master Dita Von Teese — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Many people think lingerie top lingerie websites falls into one of two categories. You have your sexy and perhaps naughty intimates for dates or romance. Then you have your basic (and maybe even a little boring) undies for everyday life. However, burlesque model and bombshell Dita Von Teese believes in everyday lingerie, considering it a "tool of seduction, of course, but moreover, a moment of everyday glamour and beauty that is functional." In this video for Mode, which we're exclusively sharing first, Von Teese espouses the virtues of underthings and reminds us that investing in daily lingerie is an easy way to feel privately sexy. Her tips and tricks are super useful and easy to apply Monday through Friday.

That is, wearing vintage wedding lingerie sexy undies needn't be a major production. It won't add much extra time to your daily routine, either. It will, however, be an added detail. There's nothing wrong with adding a dose of personal lingerie glamour, even if it's not outwardly displayed.

In the clip, Von Teese declares that lingerie plus size babydoll sleepwear "can be all-in-one and it can be effortless when you wear in your everyday life."

If you adopt these three tenets, as directed by the throwback and old school beauty Von Teese, you will get a sexy confidence boost, too.

1. Try Leopard PrintVon Teese believes that leopard print has become a basic these days and she loves the pattern for its subtle sexiness. She notes, "No matter what your fashion style is, underneath your clothes, you can be whoever you want to be." So wear something with a leopard print for extra oomph that only you know about.

2. Garter BeltsGarter belts came into vogue in the '20s as an alternative to corsets and girdles as women's fashion changed, according to The Lingerie Journal. Von Teese would like to see them return to prominence over the pantyhose which replaced them. She has garter belts in her own lingerie line, with six garters instead of the usual four. There is something so retro and a tad naughty about garter belts.

Garter belts may have been popular in your grandmother's day and age, but they remind me of a glam and ladylike era long gone.

If you go with a shorter hem and a garter belt, you might flash a little here and there. But you'd have to be careful on that front — perhaps save that for private sexy time with your significant other.

3. Old SchoolVon Teese's lingerie line boasts stockings made from the same mills as the '40s and '50s. They might feel a bit unusual at first, since there is no lycra. There is also something discreetly sexy about nylons. Plus, they can polish off your look when wearing a dress.
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Sexy lingerie chemise
Curvy Girl Lingerie's "Regular sexy lingerie chemise Women" Campaign Lets Women of All Shapes and Sizes Showcase Their Bodies

It's not every day that vintage wedding lingerie we get to see real women celebrate their bodies — the kind of women you meet day to day as opposed to the models or celebs you see on the web or on your Netflix stream. It's not every day you see those gals with all their so-called flaws and imperfections, like stretch marks, cellulite, scars or bumpy bits, snap a picture and share it with the world. It's just not normal for normal women to take a selfie in a bra and underwear and post it on social media for all of cyberspace to see — which is why Curvy Girl Lingerie (CGL) of San Jose, C.A. decided to do something pretty remarkable.

On Nov. 14, CGL launched their "Regular Women" campaign after wholesale Plus Size Lingerie receiving requests to showcase their products on non-models. Chrystal Bougon, founder and owner of CGL, said in a press release, "Inspired by a customer, I wanted to show that women with rolls, bumps, lumps, scars, stretch marks, surgery scars and natural breasts that have nursed babies can be stunning and beautiful." So in order to do that, what better than to let dozens of women post lingerie photos of themselves on CGL's Facebook page showcasing their natural, untouched, unedited bodies? Within three days of the campaign launch, the site had 3,500 new followers and a ton of lingerie shots of real women flooding their newsfeed.

No matter what you find attractive, there's no denying discount plus size lingerie that this campaign is cool. Whether or not you like curvy women or men, the basic premise that all bodies are beautiful is indisputable, since how we perceive beauty is such an individual thing and (gasps) everyone has their own opinion. And that's what Bougon has tried to demonstrate. At no point did she say "big is better" or "let's promote obesity." She just said it's time to celebrate ordinary people.

Here are some photos of participants in the "Real Women" campaign.

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