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Signal jammer Christmas promotion

Signal jammer Christmas promotion

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You want an interference with your phone, 4 grams if you're in trouble. The ubiquitous use of smartphones has created this conundrum. The cultural and cultural differences of the users are very different. Some people practice good cell phone etiquette, but many people discuss their private, professional or ordinary people in public and force them to listen. Like trains, subways, buses, grocery stores, shopping malls and cafes, you can see people making their compatriots worse, chatting and chatting at any time, with phone users. "They have brought some people with their own location portable cell phone jammer. Simply operating the wallet or pocket inside, the smartphone can be switched off by failover, so long as it activates the jammer, it can't reconnect. Therefore, noisy types must move far away from the source.

On April 19, the oil equipment's rosheri flew to Africa. He put ford in the parking lot at the airport. In the trunk, his jamming GPS location still plugs into the cigarette lighter. This small device, which is illegal in France, is allowed to move without being tracked or geo-located, especially via a mobile phone.

In the face of the court's question, the explanation for roche seems to be... The hype. This case? He serves the mission in Africa, where he risks being tracked and robbed. He always put it in a safe place to avoid forgetting it. He stayed there except this time. The defendant said: "this visit is a very dangerous country in burkina faso."

Proof of "detention, installation and use of devices designed to make electronic communication devices unusable". The framework was fined 2,000 euros but "evaded the prison" because it was the first time it had "warned the head of the court."

We sell jammers to protect our privacy. It can't be used to violate public order and do nothing illegal.

Philippe Meunier had advanced three arguments that made it necessary to set up a wave jammer. It would reduce racketeering, encourage listening and the smooth running of courses and finally, such a device would reduce exam fraud.

Without dwelling on the question of the exorbitant cost of setting it up, the first argument is void. Indeed, the laptop even unusable in class, will be used, right out of the teenager from the school grounds or in the playground.

The other controversy raised by the introduction of GSM jammer is that of the effects on the health of electromagnetic waves. Many studies tend to show that these waves, when using a laptop, would be harmful to health.

They would be dangerous for the transmission of a message. Now the jammer, to be effective, emits electromagnetic waves continuously which allows to channel at any time the electromagnetic wave carrier of the message. It would be more harmful than the laptop itself and would be contrary to the precautionary principle.

The European Union has also pronounced itself in the protection of the large public WiFi jammer to electromagnetic fields. The Council proposes limit values ​​in its recommendation of 12 July 1999.

Finally, he is forced to note that mobile phones are constantly increasing among young people in recent years. Increasingly, they are a pollution to any teacher but they are above all, sophisticated instruments and easy to conceal to allow exam fraud. The report of the national education of April 2011 containing the beginnings of the circular of May 3, 2011, further restricts the use of laptops by prohibiting them during exams such as the test of the baccalaureate.

60501 Portable Whole Mobile Phone WiFi Signal Jammer

The GSM jammer would then be a solution. Nowadays, GSM waves are no longer the only ones used in electronic communications. Indeed, there is also EDGE, 3G or 4G. These waves use frequencies quite different from those of GSM waves. Thus, a GSM jammer can not avoid the use of mobile phones with these other frequencies.

There are several types of cheap GPS jammer. More and more theaters or hospitals are using them. Frequency jammers prevent cell phones from picking up waves, and receiving and making calls or messages. If for the theaters, it is a way to obtain the respect of the artists, for the hospitals, this can be vital, because some waves distort the results recorded by the tools of diagnosis or surveillance such as the electrocardiograms.

Some motorists also equip their vehicle with frequency jammers to avoid being spotted in case of speeding by the police or gendarmerie. This is forbidden by law, and can lead to prosecution and a large fine in case of control. Frequency jammers are also popular with car thieves, which blurs the frequency of your remote shutdown. You think you have closed your doors, and that is not the case. The thief just has to break into the vehicle when you have turned your back.

How do frequency jammers work?

The high power jammer explosion-proof jammers is one of the world's most advanced efficient mobile and satellite signal radar jammers, specially designed for bomb disposal and the VIP protection, such as during the fighting and safety protection. The jammer can block the signal at the same time or in five different frequencies.

Once thought cell phone signal jammer can block 5 CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G frequency band at the same time, have powerful interference distance? The power of the 3G cellular signal jammer (up to 100 meters) with the 5-band 70W can easily achieve this goal, so you can see the details.

The high-power portable wireless explosion-proof jammer is the world's most advanced efficient mobile phone and satellite signal jammer designed for bomb disposal and VIP protection, combat and security protection. The jammer can block the signal at the same time or in five different frequencies.

The jammer OR lai mobile jammer phone SONTutilisesprincipalement D endroitsOuL 'using mobile phones to expected prohibited reason: auditorium, courts, SCHOOLS, cinema, theater, THE worship, Cyrus D waiting, museums, hospitals, prisons, civilized libraries anniversary, the spread of culture, culture and society, social chaos, the silence that nots allow to ignore. Both independent and independent, should remain silent and remain silent, unrestricted.

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Signal jammer Christmas promotion

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